Jadyn Xavier: Gen-Z name changing fashion

TikTok content creator

When you have a style-obsessed social media star for a mom, there’s really no way to avoid a digital presence of your own. And in the case of Jadyn Xavier, she’s embraced the internet with open arms. 

“I love putting outfits together, and social media is a creative outlet for me outside of school,” said 14-year-old Jadyn, daughter of wildly popular Brittany Xavier, who has 4.3 million TikTok followers. Jadyn has around 155,000. “I really enjoy creating content, and I’m happy my mom helped introduce me to the world of social media.”

The fresh-faced brunette’s social media walls are chock-full of enviable travels, styling tutorials and high-fashion, matchy-matchy moments with her mom — who often opens up about unexpectedly having Jadyn at 20-years-old. Their closeness in age has benefitted the duo, both personally and professionally. 

“I’ve had the opportunity to attend really cool events and experiences, like fashion week with my mom,” Jadyn said. “I’ve also been able to work with some of my favorite brands. My mom has influenced me to express myself through fashion and have fun with it. And she’s taught me that, whatever I wear, [I should] wear it with confidence.”

With no plans to slow down, Jadyn sees herself taking on the traditional college campus experience when the time comes. But she still plans to integrate social media. 

“I’m hoping to continue my career in social media, because I love the flexibility of the job,” she said. “I started investing recently, too, with the help of my parents. So, I would love to continue that, as well, to be in a good spot financially.”

The fashionista, who describes her personal style as “comfortable, trendy and effortless,” recently launched a sleek phone charm in collaboration with Frasier Sterling jewelry. Whether it’s designing an accessory or stepping out for a just-for-fun Instagram photoshoot, Jadyn does it with certainty. 

“Don’t overthink something,” she said. “If you like it, wear it. It goes back to [what I said about] wearing something with confidence — own your style.”

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