Glossy+ Exclusive: Luxury and contemporary fashion brands’ new go-to sales channels

The rise of e-commerce has given brands an extensive new menu of distribution options. So we examined the state of fashion sales and distribution channels to understand emerging trends and provide brands with the intelligence needed to shape marketing and merchandise planning for the year ahead and beyond.

Through a proprietary study incorporating a survey, focus group and analysis of leading luxury and contemporary fashion brands, we found that brands are thinking far outside of the big-box retailer and, at the same time, expanding the possibilities of “the store of the future.” 

In a virtual presentation on September 8, Digiday Media’s senior researcher, Li Lu, and Glossy’s editor-in-chief, Jill Manoff, revealed the results of Glossy’s latest Annual Report and dove deep into its findings. 

Along with why e-concessions, drop-shipping and marketplaces are catching on, they discussed how brands are using livestreaming and social commerce tools to drive sales. They also explored how brands are balancing DTC and wholesale opportunities, and why physical retail still matters. 

Click the video below to watch the video presentation.

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