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There’s a shift being felt across fashion, as the industry’s traditional authorities take a backseat and old marketing strategies fall out of favor. Brands and retailers across price points are realizing, in the digital era, inclusivity is key to competing. As a result, they’re increasing their presence across social media, expanding their sales channels and collaborating with a variety of brands to reach new and potential consumers. They’re also setting their sights on global expansion, elevated personalization and updated distribution. The rapidly changing industry necessitates constant evolution; a brand’s relevance depends on it.

At the Glossy Summit: Future of Fashion and Luxury, we’ll explore how leading mainstream and luxury brands are responding to the changing fashion landscape and preparing for the industry’s unpredictable future.

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  • Linda Bartman
  • Shira Sue Carmi
  • Bouchra Ezzahraoui
  • Kate Fernandez
  • Deirdre Findlay
  • Sarah Flint
  • Charles Gorra
  • Patrick Herning
    11 HONORE
  • Sophie Kahn
  • Nancy-Lee McLaughlin
  • Deirdre Quinn


May 20, 2019

  • 1:00 pm
    Registration Opens

  • 2:00 pm
    Town Hall

    Brands only.

  • 2:30 pm
    Sandbox Presentations

    These rapid-fire sessions introduce VIP brand executives to technology providers. 2:30 p.m. - Custora 2:40 p.m. - Sezzle

    Kate Fernandez>

    Kate Fernandez



  • 3:00 pm
    Opening Remarks and State of the Industry

    Jill Manoff>

    Jill Manoff



  • 3:10 pm
    Whole vs. DTC: Rethinking Distribution

    Brands are increasingly moving closer to a direct-to-consumer model, realizing that means owning more customer data and making smarter business decisions -- but many believe maintaining wholesale partners can still make sense. This session will dig into a leading brand’s retail model, which includes both DTC channels (both a brand website and owned stores) and traditional retail partners.

  • 3:30 pm
    Dialog with Klarna

  • 3:45 pm
    The DTC Effect: A Brand Guide to Tackling New Pain Points

    The new DTC brands are building tribes of brand loyalists that connect with their mission. They’re also changing consumer expectations for customer service, personalization and the in-store experience. In response, traditional brands are actively overhauling long-standing processes. This session will explore how one brand is tackling rapid evolution as a means to compete.

  • 4:05 pm
    Networking Break Provided by LiveArea

  • 4:20 pm
    Relationship Goals: Building Strong Connections with Consumers

    Consumers increasingly want to support brands that share their values, which has put pressure on brands to be more vocal about their beliefs. But building closer ties with one group of customers often comes at the expense of alienating another. This session will be a brand guide to taking a stand.

  • 4:40 pm
    Dialog with Dash Hudson

  • 4:50 pm
    Shop, Repeat: Winning Strategies For Building Brand Loyalists

    Keeping customers coming back means connecting with customers, rewarding regulars with perks, and providing constant newness in both marketing and product. Fashion retail has never been more competitive. Brands need to work harder to cut through the noise.

  • 5:10 pm
    Working Group Meetings

    Attendees will split off into groups focusing on one of three key challenges that media buyers face. With guidance from group leaders, each group will meet throughout the summit to work together on a presentation that outlines how to solve the challenge at hand. These will be presented at the end of the summit.

  • 5:45 pm
    VIP Welcome Reception

    By invitation only.

  • 6:00 pm
    8-Minute Meetings

    By invitation only. The 8-minute business meetings connect VIP brands with innovative technology platforms and media companies. They are designed to help your team build valuable new relationships and ultimately, close business deals.

  • 7:00 pm
    Klarna Cocktail Reception

    Open to all. Continue networking with cocktails provided by Klarna.

  • 7:45 pm
    Dinner with Strangers

    Don't have dinner plans? Join fellow attendees for a casual meal at a nearby venue. Sign up at the summit registration desk. Costs are at your own expense.

  • 9:15 pm
    After-Hours Hangout

    Join fellow attendees for an after dinner drink. Costs are at your own expense.

May 21, 2019

  • 8:00 am
    Registration Reopen & Breakfast Served

  • 9:00 am
    Town Hall

    Brands only.

  • 9:30 am
    Sandbox Presentations

    Brands only.

  • 10:00 am
    Welcome Back

  • 10:05 am
    The New Luxury: Breaking Down Streetwear's Impact on High-End Fashion

    Luxury brands are embracing streetwear, adopting the drop model, creating their own takes on streetwear styles and bringing the industry’s biggest designers into the fold. As a result, the definition of luxury is changing. This session will look at streetwear’s impact on fashion and how a top brand is updating its playbook as a result.

  • 10:25 am
    Sponsor Workshop

  • 10:40 am
    Beyond Buzzwords: The New Transparency and Sustainability Standards

    Social media has given consumers a more direct, more public line of communication to brands. They’re using it to call out everything from a brand’s lack of diversity and sustainability, to its insensitivity. One exec will share how new standards and staff members helped their brand clean up its act.

  • 11:00 am
    Reality Check: Moving Toward a More Authentic Brand

    Consistency and transparency are keys to authenticity, which customers across industries are demanding. In this session, hear from a top fashion brand about how they’re establishing more openness and accessibility, and maintaining constant communication with customers.

  • 11:20 am
    Networking Break Provided by LiveArea

  • 11:35 am
    Breaking Down Luxury's Barriers: Inclusivity is the New Exclusivity

    Remaining stagnant in the name of holding true to tradition no longer flies in beauty and fashion. This session will explore how luxury brands are evolving to remain relevant -- including establishing e-commerce sites and strong social media presences -- without alienating core customers.

  • 11:55 am
    Dialog with Mention Me

  • 12:05 pm
    Going Global: A Playbook for Launching in International Markets

    Smart brands are getting further ahead by quickly expanding to booming international retail markets, like China. But setting up shop in new markets comes with challenges. Hear from a brand in a period of rapid global expansion about the lessons learned to date.

  • 12:35 pm
    The Art of Storytelling: Creating Content that Resonates

    Brands are prioritizing telling their brand story. They’re pulling out of wholesale partners that don’t provide the opportunity, and they’re upping their digital ad spend to amplify the message. This day and age, marketing can make a brand. One brand will share how it’s leveraging its story to differentiate.

  • 12:45 pm
    Office Shakeup: Rethinking Processes and Departments In-house

    Breaking down internal barriers is key to success, according to this session’s leader. Hear how they reorganized their company’s processes to be more collaborative and efficient, and why updating employees’ positions based on their strengths worked wonders.

  • 1:05 pm
    Lunch Served

  • 1:05 pm
    360: Battle of the Brands: How to Win as a Brand on Amazon

    Nearly half of US internet users start their product searches on Amazon – do you know how to strengthen your brand equity on Amazon? Whether protecting branded traffic or capturing competitor searches, this session will provide valuable insights into how to boost your brand’s success in the brand-agnostic space. Presented By Nancy-Lee McLaughlin | Senior Manager of Marketplace Channels at CPC Strategy, now part of Elite SEM. By invitation only

    Nancy-Lee McLaughlin>

    Nancy-Lee McLaughlin



  • 2:00 pm
    Afternoon Free Time

    This is free time, so spend it as you see fit: catching up on work, relaxing or mingling with new friends. Enjoy the afternoon off and we’ll see you back in the evening.

  • 5:00 pm
    Working Group Meetings

    Groups will reconvene to discuss their challenges and with guidance from their group leaders, work to uncover potential solutions.

  • 6:00 pm
    8-Minute Meetings

    By invitation only. The 8-minute business meetings connect VIP brands with innovative technology platforms and media companies. They are designed to help your team build valuable new relationships and ultimately, close business deals.

  • 7:00 pm
    Financial Times Cocktail Reception

    Open to all. Continue networking with cocktails provided by Financial Times.

  • 8:00 pm
    Dinner With Friends

    Join new friends for a casual meal at a local restaurant. Sign up at the Summit registration desk. Costs are at your own expense.

  • 9:30 pm
    After-Hours Hangout

    Join fellow attendees for an after dinner drink. Costs are at your own expense.

May 22, 2019

  • 8:30 am
    Breakfast Served

  • 9:30 am
    Welcome Back

  • 9:35 am
    From Employees to Brand Ambassadors: Navigating the New Influencer Pool

    Micro-influencers and macro-influencers are no longer the only options. Today, brands are teaming with nano-influencers who see great engagement, building long-term relationships with ambassadors and even tapping employees to promote the brand on their social channels. In this session, a brand exec will share the positive results they’ve seen since updating their influencer pool to be more diverse and authentic.

  • 9:55 am
    Teamwork: How To Get the Most Out of A Collaboration

    Brands are still teaming with other brands to test new categories, reach new audiences and add excitement to their production calendars. But now that collaborations are so common, they can easily get lost in the shuffle. Hear from a brand that has mastered the art of the collaboration about the type of partnerships that will always stand out.

  • 10:15 am
    Dialog with Optimove

  • 10:30 am
    From Pop-ups to Permanent Stores: Establishing a Strategic Physical Footprint

    Physical retail is not dead. In fact, many modern brands are opening stores as a means of serving customers by meeting them wherever they are. Those include temporary pop-ups and shop-in-shops, and permanent locations. Compared to digital marketing, stores are affordable -- and brands are once again seeing their value.

  • 10:50 am
    Third-Party Advantage: The Right Way to Work with Retail Partners

    Wholesale retailers are becoming more nimble to attract and retain modern brands. As a result, brands are now maintaining control, including setting their own delivery schedules, while taking advantage of retailers’ widespread distribution. It’s a win-win.

  • 11:10 am
    Working Group Reports

    Working group leaders will present their group’s findings after three days of discussion and deliberation.

  • 11:30 am
    5 Things We've Learned

    We’ll summarize the event with the top themes that have emerged through three days of content.

    Danny Parisi>

    Danny Parisi



The Glossy Summit was such a great opportunity to join conversations shaping our industry! The talks were thoughtful and the mixture of talent across beauty, fashion, and tech sectors was just right.
Social Media Manager, Diane von Furstenberg
The Glossy Summit provided a huge learning opportunity to take back valuable information and insights from other brands as well as partners.
Manager, Divisional Operations, L'Oreal
I've never been to a conference where I made so many genuine connections with industry innovators. The brands represented were incredible.
Director of Operations, Business Development, Spanx, Inc.


Four Seasons Hotel Miami
1435 Brickell Ave
Miami, FL 33131

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