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Brick-and-mortar stores and e-commerce sites are just two pieces of a much larger pie. To clinch sales in today’s competitive retail environment, fashion and beauty brands are strategizing to meet customers wherever they are. That equates to establishing a presence on a wide range of touchpoints, from e-sports games played by Gen Z to emerging social channels in international markets.

At the Glossy Modern Commerce Summit LIVE, a virtual event taking place over three days, fashion and beauty executives will discuss effective strategies for driving sales through the new array of channels, including mobile, social, email, live streaming and content. Is a custom approach needed for every platform? What works where? And what manpower and investment are needed to become a strong omnichannel retailer?

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  • Penny Brook
  • Dre Hayes
  • Dena Kaye-Philips
  • Jenna Manula Linares
  • Mel Peralta


March 24, 2021 (Times are local: America/New York)

  • 12:00 pm
    Working Sessions

    During the working sessions, we will discuss current challenges in the industry in breakout groups to network and talk about possible solutions. Join us via Zoom to connect with other attendees and join the discussion.

    Jill Manoff>

    Jill Manoff



    Danny Parisi>

    Danny Parisi



  • Competing on E-Commerce

    This discussion will explore the new standards of e-commerce, including the personalization, inspiration and support that shoppers have come to expect, and the new bells and whistles e-tailers are launching to clinch the sale.

  • The New Path to Purchase

    Going beyond top-of-funnel and bottom-of-funnel marketing, this discussion will focus on the emerging channels and tactics brands are using to get in front of customers “where they are” and to build community. We’ll explore the potential of creating a presence on a gaming platform and establishing a signature event not centered on products, among other strategies.

March 25, 2021 (Times are local: America/New York)

  • 12:00 pm
    Opening Remarks

    Jill Manoff>

    Jill Manoff



  • 12:10 pm
    Omnichannel's Direction: Bridging Online & Brick-and-Mortar in the New Norm

    Flexibility, innovation and adaptability are crucial for modern retailers, and for many, that translates to adopting an omnichannel strategy. As online shopping ramps up, retail companies are increasingly empowering their store associates to do more than provide customer service to shoppers in-store. They’re also tackling customer acquisition, assisting e-commerce shoppers and acting as brand ambassadors, building excitement about the brand. This session will cover how to hire associates that are up for the job and what other investments are required to know the customer at every touchpoint.

  • 12:30 pm
    Digital Innovation: How Tarte Cosmetics Integrated SMS Into Their Marketing Strategy

    Tarte Cosmetics, an innovative beauty brand known for its line of skincare and cosmetics, made a big early investment in personalized text messaging—launching their channel with Attentive in 2018. Today, their text messaging program is part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. In this session, learn how Tarte delivers relevant content that drives conversions—including real-life examples of automated personalized text messages sent at scale—and creates multiple touchpoints across the customer lifecycle.

    Dena Kaye-Philips>

    Dena Kaye-Philips



    Jenna Manula Linares>

    Jenna Manula Linares



  • 12:45 pm
    From SMS to Livestreaming: Innovating Across Sales Channels

    E-commerce and physical retail are just the start of it. This session will explore how one brand, is focusing its commerce efforts. That includes text messaging, livestreaming and taking advantage of opportunities to cross-promote. The exec will also discuss what emerging retail technology they are excited for now and how they anticipate consumers will shop in the future.

  • 1:05 pm
    Session with Afterpay

  • 1:20 pm
    Authenticity is the New Normal: Resetting Marketing Routines to Get on Track

    For many brands, remaining relevant moving forward means overhauling many processes that worked before. Thinking outside the box to best showcase your values and DNA will resonate with the new generation of consumers. Sharing your unique perspective through unique channels will win over pushing products. This session will dive into how to shift your mindset and tackle new approaches to marketing to strengthen your brand, foster community and thrive.

  • 1:40 pm
    Sponsor Session

  • 1:55 pm
    Wholesale vs. DTC: Rethinking Distribution

    Brands are increasingly moving closer to a direct-to-consumer model, realizing that means owning more customer data and making smarter business decisions -- but many believe maintaining wholesale partners can still make sense. This session will dig into a fashion brand’s retail model, which is now exclusively DTC but once included traditional retail partners

March 26, 2021 (Times are local: America/New York)

  • 12:00 pm
    Welcome Back

  • 12:05 pm
    Scaling a DTC Business: Why Physical Retail Still Matters

    According to some DTC brands, stores will remain as essential as ever, and they plan to keep rolling them out without missing a beat. In fact, they’re putting the store at the center of new strategies, aiming to provide comparable service online for those who can’t shop IRL. In their eyes, stores facilitate the utmost experience, plus they’re working to fuel brand growth. This session will spotlight how a luxury DTC brand has so far approached physical retail, and what the future holds for their store footprint and strategy.

  • 12:25 pm
    Sponsor Session

  • 12:40 pm
    The New Luxury: Leaning Into Changing Consumer Behavior

    Conscientious buying is the new norm, regardless of consumers’ income. Among those still up for shopping non-essentials, some are looking to make low-commitment purchases, while others are gunning for good investments to safeguard against future tough times. At the same time, luxury buying has migrated online. Many retailers must make big changes to earn their business, which has never been more crucial. This session will break down how to cater to the new consumer — in marketing messages, at the point of purchase and beyond.

  • 1:00 pm
    Sponsor Session

  • 1:15 pm
    Slow Living & Sustainability: What This Pivotal Reset Moment Means for Fashion

    What worked yesterday is out the window, leaving fashion brands to rethink everything. But at the same time, what’s ahead remains uncertain. As consumers become more mindful, slow down and consume less, there are hints at where the fashion world is headed. This session will focus on how consumer values are shifting and what brands can be doing to emerge even stronger than before.

  • 1:35 pm
    Sponsor Session

  • 1:50 pm
    Innovating on E-Commerce: Embracing New Channels and Partners to Reach More Consumers

    Reaching consumers online has never been more important, but e-commerce competition is heating up. For brands, remaining top-of-mind among shoppers not only means making their buying experience convenient, inspiring and personal, plus also providing them with newness and next-level service at every visit. This session will explore the new possibilities of e-commerce and why tapping into them now is worth the investment.

  • 2:10 pm
    Sponsor Session

  • 2:25 pm
    Influencer Marketing and the Age of Accountability

    Influencer marketing has spread fast, but to become a key channel for advertisers there are challenges to overcome from finding the right talent to selecting the right metrics to track them against, it’s more important than ever to think about the role influencers play in a marketing strategy, given the valuable reputations at stake. This session will explore how one brand has evolved its own way of working with influencers over the year.

  • 2:45 pm
    Key Takeaways

    Let's go through the key takeaways discussed across the three days of content.

I am definitely going to implement new strategies as a result of the forum.
Vice President of Digital Commerce, Nili Lotan
This event will have a great impact on our digital initiatives.
Sr. Digital Designer UX/UI and content creation, L'Oreal
I really enjoyed the day, it was rich in content and very relevant to our current business size.
E-Commerce Manager, Ba&sh


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