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For fashion and beauty fans, Instagram has become the go-to source of discovery. And, thanks to consumers’ new attention on digital and the platform’s newer features, it’s also emerged as a shopping destination, a video entertainment hub, an authenticity checkpoint, and a guide to the latest drops and seasonal collections. With the constant goal of meeting customers where they are, brands are increasingly focusing marketing efforts and investments on the platform. They’re leaning in on the opportunity to fuel engagement, make their values known and drive sales.

During Glossy’s Instagram Strategies Forum, you’ll hear from fashion and beauty executives who will break down their proven strategies for cutting through the noise and building strong communities on the platform.

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Day 1

May 25, 2021 (Times are local: America/New York)

  • 12:00 pm
    Opening Remarks

    Come listen to some key trends in the industry as we kick off the forum.

    Jill Manoff>

    Jill Manoff



  • 12:10 pm
    Instagram Commerce: Making Instagram a Substantial Sales Channel

    Instagram has long been a go-to source for discovery, but as the platform rolls out more shopping features, it’s increasingly becoming a last stop on the path to purchase. This session will break down how brands are leaning into the opportunity to clinch sales as they invest in Instagram to meet shoppers where they are.

  • 12:30 pm
    Session with Dash Hudson

  • 12:50 pm
    Stories vs. Feed: Strategically Crafting and Distributing Instagram Content

    As Instagram introduces more features and other platforms champion an alternative aesthetic, brands are rethinking Instagram strategies focused on polished imagery and the feed. This session will spotlight how one brand has evolved its Instagram strategy, including by upping its focus on Stories and incorporating Lives, to secure more followers, engagement, and sales.

  • 1:10 pm
    Influencer Marketing 2.0: Partnerships that Resonate in 2021

    Gone are the days of brands throwing money at an Instagram mega-influencer and hoping for the best. Brands have become smarter about what partnerships read as authentic and, therefore, resonate. They’re carefully developing influencer plans accordingly. This session will explore a leading brand’s current influencer strategy that’s proving effective.

  • 1:30 pm
    Key Takeaways

    Here we will go over the key takeaways from the day's worth of content.


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