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Navigating the industry’s transformation

The obstacles elevated by the Covid-19 pandemic have forced fashion brands in every category to reevaluate strategies across the board. The common goal: to become far less reliant on far-flung partners and physical retail, in favor of ramping up control via the digitization of everything from the sales floor to marketing methods.  

At Glossy’s Fashion & Luxury Summit Worldwide LIVE, top executives from direct-to-consumer, mass and luxury fashion brands will come together to discuss how they’re leaning into digital platforms and other technology to safeguard their processes, strengthen their community and upgrade their e-commerce presence to successfully adjust and adapt to the rapidly changing landscape in a post-pandemic world. 

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June 14, 2021 (Times are local: America/New York)

  • 12:00 pm
    Working Groups

    Welcome to the Glossy Fashion & Luxury Summit Worldwide. To kick off this summit we will start with an open and honest discussion group to chat through the challenges and opportunities currently being faced across industries as it relates to fashion & luxury. This will be conducted under Chatham House Rules.

    Jill Manoff>

    Jill Manoff



    Danny Parisi>

    Danny Parisi



June 15, 2021 (Times are local: America/New York)

  • 10:00 am
    Opening Remarks

    Join us as we open the event and go over key trends in the fashion & luxury industry.

    Jill Manoff>

    Jill Manoff



  • 10:10 am
    Cultivating a Community of Brand Loyalists on Instagram

    In the last year, brands have realized the importance of a tight-knit community. Now, they’re increasingly focusing on using social media to fuel brand loyalty. In this session, a brand exec will share how they have used Instagram to build tight-knit relationships with customers.

  • 10:30 am
    Sponsor Session

  • 10:45 am
    Sustainability & Commerce: Creating New revenue Streams for the Conscious Consumer

    As consumers become more mindful, slow down and consume less, brands are catering to those demands and evolving their business models for the better. In this session, a fashion exec will discuss how the company is democratizing access to luxury fashion and facilitating a circular model with a new platform. They’ll also detail the company’s strategy for marketing new concepts to sustainability-focused shoppers.

  • 11:05 am
    Sponsor Session

  • 11:20 am
    Mastering Collaborations: The Importance of Authentic Partnerships

    Product collaborations have caught on as effective tools for driving spikes in sales. While fashion brands’ collaboration strategies span the gamut, increasingly, all are realizing that slapping one brand’s name or logo onto another brand’s product doesn’t cut it to drive buzz. For shoppers, what’s worth waiting in line or splurging on the resale market for are collabs resulting from two top brands actively working together on every step, from product development to marketing. This session will explain how a serial collaborator ensures authenticity throughout the process.

  • 11:40 am
    Sponsor Session

  • 11:55 am
    The Evolution of a Lifestyle Brand

    Maintaining a reputation as a fashion brand can be limiting, for both the company and its core audience. One brand founder will discuss how the brand is evolving from designing seasonal ready-to-wear collections to creating a full lifestyle brand by changing its focus from the runway to the customer.

  • 12:15 pm
    Sponsor Session

  • 12:30 pm
    Authenticity is the New Normal: Resetting Marketing Routines to Get on Track

    For many brands, remaining relevant moving forward means overhauling many processes that worked before. Thinking outside the box to best showcase your values and DNA will resonate with the new generation of consumers. Sharing your unique perspective through unique channels will win over pushing products. This session will dive into how to shift your mindset and tackle new approaches to marketing to strengthen your brand, foster community and thrive.

June 16, 2021 (Times are local: America/New York)

  • 10:00 am
    Welcome Back

    Jill Manoff>

    Jill Manoff



  • 10:05 am
    Strategizing to Scale: How to Market a Growing Brand

    The luxury fashion market is filled with well-known brands with big budgets, which presents a fair share of challenges for newer-to-the-market players. This session will cover how they’re strategizing to meet luxury consumers’ expectations and how they’re leveraging digital technology to compete with established brands.

  • 10:25 am
    Sponsor Session

  • 10:40 am
    The Evolution of Physical Retail

    Physical retail isn’t dead, it’s just changing. This brand exec will discuss how the brand has leveraged traditional distribution networks -- including big box retail, and department stores -- while also growing a robust business online.

  • 11:00 am
    Sponsor Session

  • 11:15 am
    The New Luxury: Breaking Down Streetwear's Impact on High-End Fashion

    Luxury brands are embracing streetwear, adopting the drop model, creating their own takes on streetwear styles and bringing the industry’s biggest designers into the fold. As a result, the definition of luxury is changing. This session will look at streetwear’s impact on fashion and how a top brand is updating its playbook as a result.

  • 11:35 am
    Sponsor Session

  • 11:50 am
    Leading with the Brand: Using Brand Experiences to Engage a Community

    Leading with the brand is always a winning strategy. In this session, a brand exec will discuss how their team strategically leans into branding and marketing opportunities at every opportunity, from customers’ everyday shopping experiences to big spending holidays like Black Friday. It’s using customer interactions with authenticators, marketing products and technologies like AR try-on to educate, engage and excite its audience.

  • 12:10 pm
    Sponsor Session

  • 12:25 pm
    Growth Mode: Strategies for Accelerated Brand Expansion

    Starting a brand with a narrow focus and audience has its perks, but it can make growth a challenge. This session will cover how a direct-to-consumer fashion brand that launched with a sustainability focus and a streamlined assortment has strategically evolved. It’s managed to retain its core customers while also expanding to more sales channels, more product categories and a wider audience.

  • 12:45 pm
    Key Takeaways

    Hear a summary and key takeaways from all of our sessions.

The Glossy Summit was such a great opportunity to join conversations shaping our industry! The talks were thoughtful and the mixture of talent across beauty, fashion, and tech sectors was just right.
Social Media Manager, Diane von Furstenberg
The Glossy Summit provided a huge learning opportunity to take back valuable information and insights from other brands as well as partners.
Manager, Divisional Operations, L'Oreal
I've never been to a conference where I made so many genuine connections with industry innovators. The brands represented were incredible.
Director of Operations, Business Development, Spanx, Inc.


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