Uoma Beauty’s Sharon Chuter on the state of inclusivity and activism in beauty

The beauty industry is closely linked to complicated issues around image and identity. Even so, many beauty brands have fallen short, when it comes to thinking about and addressing how their actions impact the world and what their choices say about inclusivity.

Uoma Beauty founder Sharon Chuter, born in Nigeria, has a personal interest in these topics. She told Glossy that the politics of inclusion and diversity aren’t theoretical to her. If she didn’t have an Australian passport, she wouldn’t be able to work in the U.S. at all due to Trump Administration rulings that Nigerian immigrants cannot get work visas. In this video from Glossy’s recent Beauty Summit, Chuter speaks about inclusion, politics and diversity in beauty, and the key to navigating these complicated waters while leading a brand.

[s3mm type=”video” files=”beautysummitlive-glossy-201109-uoma.mp4″ /]

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