Rare Beauty’s Katie Welch on social impact: ‘Brands can make a difference’

Katie Welch, CMO of Rare Beauty, helped redefine the company’s social responsibility commitments this year through the creation of the Rare Impact Fund. The fund is aimed at making mental health services more accessible for the brand’s Gen-Z audience. She said that she, along with Rare Beauty founder Selena Gomez, felt an obligation to the large community they’ve built to make mental health care easier to secure, particularly during a year filled with hardships.

In this talk, recorded during Glossy’ recent Beauty Summit, Welch spoke with Glossy about how brands can use their platforms for social good and what mental health services Rare Beauty is supporting.

[s3mm type=”video” files=”beautysummitlive-glossy-201109-RareBeauty.mp4″ /]

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