Lauryn Bosstick, The Skinny Confidential: Influencer brand to know

This profile is part of the Glossy Pop guide to influencer-founded brands, covering the fashion, beauty and wellness companies started by people who built their careers on social media. 

Who: Lauryn Bosstick (The Skinny Confidential)

Platform & Following: Instagram (1 Million followers)

What are you known for & how did you get your start?
The brand is known as a cheeky beauty and wellness resource, where we discuss all the things. Nothing is off limits. We grew the brand by focusing on who was a part of the community already, not by looking for more followers. A lot of people put their energy into ‘getting who they don’t have’ instead of paying attention to the dedicated audience they do have.

The blog was, and is, the mothership. It has a strong, committed following, and from there, each platform I added has grown. We’ve been really cognizant to engage with everyone who has supported the platforms. The podcast has really helped us be more intimate with the audience, and I love using Instagram stories to uplift interesting people, share advice and give you the skinny on beauty products, books, skin tips and life hacks. 

What’s the brand: Skin care and skin care tools  

Find it: 

Why did you decide to bring a brand into this crowded marketplace?
There is so much room for innovation and disruption in the category. For instance, launching the Hot Shave Razor came about because it should not be a taboo thing for women to shave their face. For some reason, it’s a hush, hush subject, when so many women do it. I wanted to normalize it and talk about it. Like, who cares, right!? 

What makes the brand different?
The Skinny Confidential, as a brand, is flamboyant, outspoken and an oversharer, but straight and to the point. We talk about everything from sex, orgasms, boob jobs, addiction and plastic surgery, to how to start a business, branding tips, financial advice and diet and health. The brand, blog and podcast really are like a bag of Chex Mix — you never know what you’re going to get. Every conversation or post comes from a non-judgemental place, and the audience can take what they like and leave what they don’t. 

Fun fact: I came up with the idea of disrupting the category of ice rolling after a 16-hour jaw surgery that left me swollen for three years. Yes, three years. Swelling is a b*tch. Now we have the ultimate de-puffing tool that looks pretty and dreamy on your vanity and IG feed.

Best seller: Hot Mess Ice Roller

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