Goop bets on fitness with a fitness event

Goop continues to slice and dice what works.

Shortly after spinning off its hero Goop podcast for standalone series tailored for men and clean beauty, the wellness lifestyle company is doing the same for its summit In Goop Health. In October, Goop will launch Goop League, a two-day experimental fitness event in Austin, Texas. Though Goop’s franchise experience has had fitness classes alongside panel discussions, beauty treatments and aura readings since 2017, Goop League will have classes led by the likes of Isaac Calpito of dance and barre workout Torch’d and a retail shop featuring its G. Sport and G. Label lines, as well as beauty products.

“We’ve done seven In Goop Health wellness summits, and those are built around different experiences that happen throughout the day. Our Body Studio there is one of the most engaged parts of the event, so we thought this was a way to blow that out,” said Kiki Koroshetz, Goop wellness director. According to Goop, wellness and fitness content on the company’s site is one of its strongest verticals and accounts for 34% of content and traffic.

As is the case with Goop’s pop-ups, which test stores in new markets like Dallas and Aspen, Goop League is a way of understanding the company’s viability in Austin and the greater Texas area. Texas is its third biggest market, based on readers and sales, after California and New York. Goop has slowly built up its presence there in the last year, including hosting a pop-up extension timed to Gwyneth Paltrow’s SXSW appearance.

“Every city we go to, we try to find a shop that feels like our home, from the interior in the space to the exterior, to the location in the town,” said Goop CRO Kim Kreuzberger. “It’s about trying to respond to the market, being nimble and doing a lot of market research prior, so that we’re opening the right concept.”

While tickets to In Goop Health’s latest London event started at $1,100 and went up to nearly $5,000 with a hotel stay, the Goop League offshoot is $150 per day or $200 a day for early access. As of now, the sole sponsor will be Flow Alkaline Spring Water, Goop’s first sustainable water partner, which will provide drinks on site between classes and shopping opportunities. With its entry-level price point, Goop League is also testing its appetite for a younger festival-goer, whereas events like its recent Goop Escapes cater toward the 11% of its audience that has an average household income of $1 million-plus.

“There is a very active community in Austin, and this is a much more accessible price point, so we think it will attract a different community of people,” said Koroshetz. “We know will have our core demo of 30s, 40s and 50s, but we will definitely be engaging a younger audience here.”

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