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  • JAN 21, 2019

    How indie brand Meow Meow Tweet is building out its Amazon storefront

    To build out the storefront, the brand is looking at how it can be more reflective of the brand's e-commerce site, according to Tara Pelletier, co-founder of Meow Meow Tweet. This means adding high-resolution photography of product and editorial content around the brand's sustainability and ingredient stories as well as advice for living a cleaner, more sustainable lifestyle.

  • JAN 17, 2019

    Luxury makeup brand Westman Atelier launches e-commerce site

    Westman Atelier is one of many celebrity makeup artist brands that have entered the marketplace in recent years, including Charlotte Tilbury and Pat McGrath Labs. On Thursday, the brand launched an e-commerce site featuring the full assortment of six-products, including brushes, blushes and a foundation stick. Additionally, Westman Atelier has hired Catherine Piercy, former Vogue beauty director, and Lindsay Freeman to oversee creative content and digital and e-commerce strategy, respectively, for the brand.

  • JAN 17, 2019

    Credo Beauty hosts first summit focused on clean beauty guidelines

    The summit will consist of networking opportunities like meeting with other brand founders, hearing from Credo Beauty’s own investors and learning from experts about clean beauty. Additionally, it will be used an opportunity to help brands understand the necessary steps required in order to adhere to Credo's new clean beauty guidelines.

  • JAN 16, 2019

    Beautycounter carves out a niche in clean skin care for men

    Notably, less than 1 percent of both sellers and existing customers are men. In order to reach men, the brand will not only appeal to women to purchase products on behalf of men, but it will also recruit more male sellers to sell directly to its target: men between 25- and 45-years-old. Overall, the expansion toward men’s products not only represents a new chapter for Beautycounter’s business, but also the maturation of the clean beauty market, which has predominantly been focused on women.

  • JAN 15, 2019

    Asian beauty gets it own dedicated conference with Blushcon

    Blushcon, which debuted last January as a two-day conference within the Asian American Expo in Pomona, California, is coming back on Jan. 18 and 19 with a refocus on Asian beauty, in response to visitor feedback and opportunities for growth. It has increased the Asian brands exhibiting by approximately 40 percent and is expected to bring in an additional 10,000 people to the expo, which itself draws 120,000.

  • JAN 14, 2019

    FaceGym takes a page from Peloton as it plans US expansion

    The brand that dubs its services as a "workout for your face" is entering a stage of rapid expansion, with a soft-launch taking place for a stand-alone location in New York, a launch of four products in March, another store opening in Los Angeles in April and the debut of an app by early-2020. FaceGym’s revenue target for 2019 is between $12 million and $14 million, and the company will grow to 100 people by the end of the year.

  • JAN 11, 2019

    Beauty brands are launching mood-boosting products

    Within this wellness world, there is a new emerging category of beauty products that not only serve as a traditional beauty product (like a fragrance, body or face oil), but also come with specific instructions for how the product can serve as a mood enhancer or stress reducer.

  • JAN 10, 2019

    Men's shaving brand Bevel expands to skin care

    The new skin-care line is meant to not only deepen the brand’s relationship with current customers, but also to reach those who do not shave. The expansion into skin care is also a response to several market trends, including a decline in shaving sales and an increase in the men’s beauty market and inclusive beauty.

  • JAN 09, 2019

    Target hints at larger wellness ambitions

    Although Target is still in the nascent stages of developing its wellness strategy, it's set to be one of many significant changes to its beauty department. In late December, natural beauty brand Pacifica launched with Target its first-ever ingestibles comprised of four beauty powders to complement its existing portfolio of skin care, makeup, and hair and nail care.

  • JAN 08, 2019

    Dotdash acquires Clique Brands publications Byrdie and MyDomaine

    Portfolio media company Dotdash announced on Tuesday the acquisition of Clique Brands–owned publications Byrdie and MyDomaine, as Dotdash seeks to enter the beauty content space and Clique Brands moves away from media to focus on consumer products.

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